Foot Mobilisation

What does the surgery involve?

Foot Mobilisation is a therapy session where our experts aim to treat the misalignment of joints, stiffness and pain around the foot. The stiffness comes from when the soft tissues (tendons, ligaments, joint capsule, and other connecting tissues) restrictions occue due to the foot being positioned in a certain way.

There are often ‘adhesions’ where the soft tissues that become stuck down or bundled together so that they don’t move freely. This then makes the joint poorly aligned and from there, the soft tissues that support the changes in the joints and adapt to this new position. The soft tissues are constantly adapting towards their shortest functional length, which can happen very quickly.

Therefore, when the foot is functioning by continuing to pronate, which stays flat during the whole of the stance phase where the bone and soft tissues adapt to this position. This will normalise the position of the foot  to where it should be.

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Pain is hard to diagnose, but it is the most common factor if you are in need of a Foot Mobilisation technique. Although there is no real cause for this, sometimes pain in the foot can occur after a trauma i.e. ankle sprain which should have healed overtime, and still not be sprained. Pain can vary from sharp acute indescribable for a short period to a dull aching sensation that causes irritation due to it’s long duration.

You may need FMT if you experience the following:

  •  Stiffness or heaviness when walking or running
  • Restriction of movement
  • Pain at a certain point in the stance phase of your gait cycle
  • Be ok during an activity but a discomfort follows when activity levels are increased

Our Treatment

Foot Mobilisation Technique is derived from foot manipulative therapy which is widely used by physiotherapy, chiropractic, and osteopathy practitioners. This is our new treatment within Podiatry and very few clinics are practicing FMT in the UK currently.

We can help you with FMT as Foot Mobiisation is a gentle, hands on-approach treatment that corrects misaligned joints in your feet so they can work as nature intended. If left untreated, the misaligned joints in the feet can often lead to postural problems which can cause pain in the knees, legs, hips and even lower back.

Hands on healing through joint mobilisation and exercises helps to stimulate your body’s natural healing system. Although this treatment takes a few minutes, the improvements lasts for 48-72 hours. When you’re having regular and consistent sessions, the positive effects will continue to last longer due to the amount of regular treatments received.


Besides making the most of our FMT therapy, we strongly advise you to consistently exercise in order to support you. This will help to keep your legs stimulated, and we will continually monitor your progress level to help support your programme.

When we evaluate you, we assess the musculature of the legs and feet. Problems can occur with the bio-mechanical function of the body when it products muscular imbalances. This is why we stress the importance of exercises, we will advise you the correct exercises you need to be doing and will support you throughout.

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